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Keys To Buying Optimal Performer Flying Effects For A Live Play

by Jean Mason

If you're putting together a live play that will involve characters who fly, you'll need to invest in performer flying effects. You can have an easy time with this if you take the following precautions. 

Put an Emphasis on Safety

Probably the most important thing to focus on when getting performer flying effects for a theatrical production is making sure these resources are safe. Every actor and actress who uses these effects should feel safe and be able to mimic the act of flying without being put in any real danger.

Start with finding a production equipment supplier who's known for supplying plays with safety-tested flying effects. Then you can look into the exact type of testing that was performed before renting or buying said effects, ensuring all of your performers can remain injury-free when using these resources.

Focus on Effects That Look Real

One of your main goals when putting together a live play for an audience may be to make it as realistic as possible. Then the audience will be more invested in the story because you're able to master their suspension of disbelief. Along these lines, try to find performer flying effects that look as real as possible.

You want the audience to really think that your performers are flying because it's going to bring a new level of production that your play will become popular for. Seeing these effects used in real time can help you ultimately find a realistic solution for performers who will be flying throughout various acts in your play. 

Make Sure Performers Can Remain Comfortable

In addition to focusing on safety and realism with performer flying effects, you also want them to be comfortable for all of your performers to use. You may have to strap them in harnesses for more than several hours after all, so comfort should be a top priority.

Again, you may need to have your performers test out different flying effects in real time — seeing what's going to be the most comfortable to wear and use going forward. Then you can choose accordingly based on what they say they liked best from a comfort standpoint.

If you're putting together a live play involving flight, you'll need to invest in flying effects. This will be easy to do if you focus on the right elements, such as comfort, realism, and practicality. Then you can ensure flying acts from your cast turn out the best.

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