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Animal Activities That Will Entertain Your Child

by Jean Mason

Gaining life experiences that involve spending time with animals can be comforting and inspirational to your child. Choose some animal activities and create a summer schedule that will keep your youngster entertained.

Sanctuaries And Zoos

An animal sanctuary or zoo will provide unlimited opportunities to view wildlife in their natural surroundings. A sanctuary may cater to a particular animal breed or a diverse collection of animals. A zoo may contain species that are found within the region you live.

Some places may provide specialized services to the animals in their care. For instance, there are many rehabilitative sanctuaries and zoos located throughout the country. This type of establishment may focus on caring for injured or sick pets or ones that have been abandoned. At the onset of taking on the responsibility of being an animal caregiver, a facility may provide scheduled services and give the public updates about an animal. This information may be posted on a facility's webpage.

As an animal becomes adjusted to their new surroundings, the public may be invited to visit a particular animal. If you choose a specialized venue that provides distinct services, give your child some information about the animals that they will be going to visit.

Nature Observations

Discovering where birds reside or where deer and other animals have been spending their time can be both entertaining and educational. Pick up a field guide that provides detailed information about native animal species. Purchase a notebook, writing implements, and a camera that can be used while taking notes and actively observing animals in their natural surroundings.

Notes and photographs can be used to create an ongoing scrapbook. Perhaps, you and your child will notice a bird building a nest and can follow their everyday movements. This type of book will eventually tell a story that your child can share with their peers or relatives. Animal tracks can also be collected during some of the nature observations. Muddy surfaces may contain prints that your child can use to prepare plaster casts that portray a series of footprints.

If you would like to offer a casting activity to your child, purchase a bag of plaster mix and some casting rings. Invite your child to walk outdoors with you after it has stopped raining. Explore muddy areas where animals frequent. Use the plaster mix and water to create a blended material that can be poured into each casting ring. Each ring should be placed around a series of tracks. After the plaster has set, help your child remove the plaster casts from the rings.

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