Learning About Worldwide Entertainment Options

Membership Incentives

by Jean Mason

Free gifts, opportunities to take part in some lucrative competitions, and additional perks are offered to the loyal customers who frequent some casinos. A casino player's membership will allow you to experience all that a casino has to offer, without dipping into your winnings. 


An opportunity to visit a sister casino for free, a gift voucher that is good for an overnight's stay at the casino that you are a member of, and cookware, electronics, and other household items may be used as incentives at a casino. Giving prizes to club members is a powerful way to attract people to a casino. These gift items may vary in value and size.

As a club member moves their way up the tier system that a casino has implemented, gift items that an individual is eligible for may be more valuable. Gift items are occasionally designated for the person who has earned them and a guest of their choosing. For instance, if a gift is offered that will provide a member with a free overnight stay at the casino that they are visiting, they may have the opportunity to bring their spouse or a friend along with them. 


Some casino player's clubs promote competitions that are only available to members. These competitions often feature free gameplay and the opportunity to use equipment that is in a roped-off area. Competitions are highlighted in monthly or bi-monthly advertisements that are mailed out to club card holders.

These competitions allow participants to strive for monetary prizes that are not being offered to the general public. A participant may be required to sign in upon their arrival to a casino. Each competition will feature a set amount of free turns that a member can take advantage of. Slots, craps, or another popular casino game may be featured during a competition.

Line Advantages

A popular casino may become packed during the day or evening, and this could require that patrons wait in long lines. A casino may feature many restaurants and entertainment options that garner the attention of guests.

With access to a player's membership, standing in a long line may be avoided. Some casinos allow higher-tiered members to skip to the front of a line. With a shorter wait time to enter a dining room or an entertainment viewing area, a club card holder will be able to avoid crowds and locate seating that offers them the best vantage point.