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Be Informed: 5 Reasons to Follow the Local News

by Jean Mason

If you focus your attention on national news networks, you might be missing out on vital information. National news networks might give you a view of the nation, but you'll miss out on the news that relates to what's going on closer to home. For that type of information, you need to watch the local news. You might not realize this, but there are a variety of benefits to following the local news. Here are five of those benefits for you to consider. 

Focus on Local Issues

If you only pay attention to the national news, you're not learning everything you need to know about local issues. National news focuses on what affects you on a national level. However, when you need information regarding your community, you need to rely on a local news agency. 

Showcase Local News Talent

If you're not accessing local news networks, and newspapers, you're missing out on the opportunity to enjoy local news talent. You might not know this, but most national reporters and journalists started out at the local level. When you get your news from local sources, you benefit local news talent in a couple of ways. First, you increase their exposure. Second, you improve their ratings. The exposure and increased ratings help get them noticed on a national level. That means the local reporter or journalist you support today could help them reach the national level. 

Gain Access to Nearby Activities

If you're not following the local news, you could be missing out on a lot of activities. That's because most local activities are promoted through local news agencies. In fact, most local news agencies provide calendars that provide important information for any activities that are planned in the area. 

Ensure Extended Coverage

When news happens on a national level, you can expect the major networks to provide extended coverage of the events. However, that's not the case for local news. Unfortunately, the lack of coverage can cause serious problems at the local level. That's where the local news comes into the picture. Local news agencies will provide extended coverage for the stories that affect local communities. That means you'll get all the coverage you need to stay safe and informed. 

Hold Politicians Accountable

Finally, if you want to make sure that local politicians are held accountable for the policies they implement, you need to follow the local news. One of the benefits of following the local news is that they provide detailed information about the policies that are being passed by local politicians. Not only that, but local news agencies will provide scheduling information for local government meetings, which means you have an increased opportunity to have your voice heard. 

For more information, contact a local news outlet, such as The Herald Dispatch, to learn more.