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4 Categories To Focus Yard Sign Sales On

by Jean Mason

If you're looking for a way to make extra money, then you could start a side business selling yard signs. A yard sign franchise includes connections to printing companies and resources to make and distribute lawn signs in your local area. When you advertise for yard sign sales, you can focus on specific categories.

Learn about four categories to help get a lawn sign franchise off the ground.

1. Political Signs

Between federal and local governments, the election cycle often feels never-ending. One of the more common ways people can show support for politicians is through political lawn signs. Reach out to politicians to create lawn signs featuring full-color images, political messages, and other details.

With each new election cycle, reach out to new candidates and show off sample products. If political officials are running again, then you may have the opportunity to access repeat customers and increase your business profits.

2. Birthday Signs

Along with the tradition of balloons on a mailbox, yard signs have become a common way to celebrate a loved one's birthday. Feature some of the more elaborate birthday yard signs through your advertising materials. Yard signs may include banner-styled designs, along with individual signs to represent a party guest.

For example, you could sell individual letter signs to spell out a person's name. Prop-based signs may include die-cut shapes like balloons or birthday cakes. Birthday signs offer a year-round experience so you can constantly advertise the designs to people who celebrate birthdays.

The signs themselves are ideal advertisements for anyone who sees them and plans a birthday celebration in the near future.

3. Business Signs

Businesses constantly try to get their word out using all forms of advertisement. Lawn signs provide an ideal way for businesses to show off branding and advertise on both private and public property. Basic signs may include business logos and contact information.

More detailed yard signs could include specific features of a business. For example, a pizza restaurant may include lawn signs with the names of signature dishes like calzones, grinders, and chicken wings. Present a list of ideas and some sample signs to businesses to showcase the potential.

4. Support Signs

Showcase support signs that highlight different causes. Support signs could display support for armed forces members who are overseas. Other signs may show support for certain diseases and cancers. The support signs are ideal for charity events as well as for the homes of people who go through tough times. You could also have general support signs made and ready to go so people receive their orders quickly.

When you start a franchise, a focus on specific categories will help your new business venture remain targeted and organized. For more information about starting a yard sign franchise, contact a company.