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3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Place to Play Casino Slot Machines

by Jean Mason

Are you ready for some casino action? Here are a few things to look for when choosing a place to play some casino slot machines:


You may enjoy playing the same slot machine for hours at a time, but the same graphics, gameplay, and even neighboring players can all create the need for variety. If you get tired of playing the same game, you end up disliking the way the game pays out, or you a player sitting next to you is getting on your nerves, you should be able to head to another part of the casino and find an entirely different kind of game to play.

If the casino only features a couple of different types of games or the games are crowded up together in just one area, chances are that you will not have access to the variety you need for an engaging and enjoyable experience whether you win on the slot machines or not. Look for a casino with wide, open spaces, lots of room between machines, and at least a handful of different game types to choose from.

Comfort and Convenience

Not all casinos offer the same type of comfort and convenience, so these are things to consider as soon as you walk through the front door of a casino you are thinking about playing at. The first thing you should do is check out the seats that are in front of each machine. Are they hard and plastic, or cushioned and supportive? Are they tall enough for you to reach the slot machine levers comfortably or will you spend a lot of time reaching them?

Another thing to check out is the space between the slot machines. Is there enough space for you to easily put a drink or snack down without worrying about whether a neighbor will knock it over? Casinos are usually dimly lit, but you should be able to see your way around the slot machines well enough to avoid tripping or bumping into people. You should also be able to easily read the information that is printed on the slot machines so you can learn how to properly play the games.

Convenient Payouts

Some slot machines pay out real cash or coins when a player wins, while others spit out receipts that can be redeemed for cash winnings. Of course, machines that pay cash and coins are convenient, but receipt payouts can be somewhat of a drag depending on how the casino has set up the redeeming system.

If you visit a casino that pays out in receipts, check out the line at the cashier's desk to see how long you may have to wait to get paid if you do win. Also, ask a customer service agent whether any payout kiosks are available where you can insert your winning slot machine receipt and receive your cash like you would at an ATM.

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