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4 Film Production Studio Features Ideal For Special Effects

by Jean Mason

In many modern films special effects are used to transport characters to locations, introduce unique creatures, and showcase impressive visuals. Creating the special effects can be costly and require a lot of special equipment. One way to create professional looking visuals is through a full service film production studio.

Learn how a film production company can help your project come to life and give you access to the best equipment for special effects.

1. Cyclorama Walls

When you want to shoot green screen footage, you need to have precise lighting and shooting conditions so everything comes out smoothly. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of a cyclorama wall. The wall is essentially an oversized green screen that covers the walls and the ground.

With the cyclorama, you can easily position props and actors into position. The large size of the green screen gives you the chance to record all different angles and capture everything within the green screen boundaries. Lighting mounts will help eliminate harsh shadows and ensure the green screen footage is easily removed from clips.

2. Camera Rigs

When you take special effects shots, you need to have a steady camera and may rely on specific angles. A film production company can offer you camera rigs for mounting and using specialty shots. The cameras can glide along smooth locations and create uniform shots. Some special effect shots may include multiple layers and takes.

By using rigs, you can repeat the same camera shot over and over again so all of the special effects line up.

3. Editing Suites

A huge part of special effect creation involves the editing process. Purchasing state of the art editing software could cost a ton of money for a single project. When you rent an editing suite at a film production studio, you can complete all of your editing objectives on-site and save money.

When you use the same property to film and edit, it's easy to transition from one task to another. You can work on special effects at the same time you film to get a real visual of what you are creating. Editing suites will also include advanced audio editing and screening rooms to see how everything turns out on the big screen.

4. Multi-Camera Shoots

Some special effects may require multiple cameras at the same time. At a film studio, you can rent multiple cameras and reduce the limitations you have when creating special effects. You can even request to rent specialty cameras like drones.

Mixing in all of the elements allows you to make the best out of the special effect options for your production.