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Stock Up On Wholesale Fireworks This Winter For Your Display Next Summer

by Jean Mason

Do you run a fair, carnival or public event that usually ends with fireworks every summer? Whether it's the Fourth of July festival or the neighborhood backyard barbecue, just about everything is better with fireworks. But getting ahold of fireworks might be easier said than done, especially if you wait until everyone else wants to get some fireworks too. Thankfully, you don't have to wait for summer to return to start stocking up on fireworks. Here's why you should contact a wholesale fireworks company this winter in advance of your big fireworks display next summer.

You Can Get Older Fireworks at a Steep Discount

Wholesale fireworks companies do the most business during the spring and summer months. By the time winter arrives, these companies will be seeking to clear out any remaining stock in anticipation of the new fireworks that will be coming down the pipeline for the following summer season. When buying fireworks, always enquire about the expiration date, of course, but in general, fireworks that were OK to use last summer will probably still be good to use during the coming summer. But because the fireworks seller wants to clear his or her inventory, you can likely get yourself some pretty nice fireworks at a steep discount when compared to buying during the summer.

Get the Fireworks You Really Want Before They Sell Out

While many fireworks sellers will be trying to get rid of old inventory in the winter, they may also slowly start getting in a new batch or two that are meant for the upcoming summer season. Contacting a wholesale fireworks company in the winter is a great way to get your hands on rare fireworks that might sell out quickly once the weather does get warmer. You could add more interesting fireworks to your July display by purchasing them in January or February before the rush of other potential buyers arrives.

Buying Wholesale Will Let You Put on the Biggest Display Ever

Wholesale fireworks suppliers typically do not mark up their prices dramatically. You'll be able to get a large amount of fireworks for a reasonable price. If you want to take next year's display to another level, finding a reputable wholesale dealer may allow you to accomplish this goal. Imagine the look on everyone's face as you shoot off hundreds of fireworks for the first time ever during your amazing grand finale. 

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