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3 Ways To Prepare For An Escape Room

by Jean Mason

If you are planning a fun, creative group outing, you should consider booking an escape room. These fun, themed spaces offer a series of clues to the participants they have to complete before the time runs out, creating a fun mystery that is interesting for everyone to solve together. Here are three ways to prepare for an escape room adventure and how it could help you win.  

1.    Eat A Good Meal

Depending on the length of time you book the escape room for, you could be faced with a few minutes to a few hours without food. While this isn't a problem for most people, if you are athletic or prone to blood sugar problems, you may need to fuel up before you hit the escape room. Additionally, eating a good meal beforehand will help to keep you concentrated on the task at hand, which could serve you well during the game. 

Before you visit the escape room, focus on doing what you can to eat a nutritious meal. Eat lean proteins, veggies, and healthy carbohydrates like brown rice so that you can think clearly and avoid that post-meal fatigue. 

2.    Think About Your Teammates

Anytime you compete with other people, you need to be selective about who you choose to work with. Try to select a team of people that work well together and who you feel comfortable relying on in stressful situations. If possible, choose people who spark ideas and who can communicate clearly, even when they might be focused on something else. 

Try to avoid people who tend to stress out easily or who have conflicts with other members in the group. Keep in mind that while escape rooms are designed to be fun and interesting, some people can take them too seriously and let the situation create anxiety. Always have a fun-lover in the group to keep the energy light and fun. 

3.    Put On A Watch

While many escape rooms have a clock mounted directly onto the wall within the room, you may not always have time to glance upwards toward the time. To make it easier to keep track of how long you have been working on the puzzles, put on a watch and be prepared to set timers. If you are trying to beat another team's time, set a timed goal for each operation. 

When you arrive at the escape room, try to keep an open mind and work well with others. Remember that the entire experience is meant to be fun and invigorating, so don't become overly stressed if you don't pick up on the clues right away. The next time you decide to visit an escape room, try a different scenario so you continue to be challenged. 

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