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4 Things To Add To A Marriage Survival Kit

by Jean Mason

Whether you're searching for a gift for an upcoming bridal shower or you want to give your soon-to-be in-law a fun present, a marriage survival kit is a fun option. You can incorporate humorous elements into the kit, stick with serious items to help the couple grow their relationship, or opt for a great mixture of serious and silly pieces. Here are a few things to consider adding to your marriage survival kit.

1. A Gift Card

A gift card is an excellent option if you want to give the couple a few hours to escape from the stresses of their daily lives without having to worry about how the outing will impact their finances. After a stressful day, a relaxing dinner out or a humorous movie can give any couple a much-needed escape. If you're creating your marriage survival kit on a budget, a small gift card for ice cream, coffee, or dessert still offers the couple an enjoyable change of scenery. 

2. A Sweet Treat

Incorporate some type of sweet treat into your marriage survival kit. When a couple is stressed, a scrumptious sweet treat provides a few moments of tasty repose. A small square of chocolate or a slice of delectable cake may not solve the underlying problem, but it provides a few moments of distraction and allows the couple to reconnect over an item that they both enjoy.

3. Supplies for an At-Home Date Night

Every couple eventually finds themselves in need of a date night when they're stuck at home for one reason or another. Perhaps the weather isn't conducive to an outing, or maybe the babysitter fell through and the evening didn't include child-friendly activities. A marriage survival kit includes everything a couple needs for a fun at-home date night that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes once the kids are asleep. 

It's easy to customize the date to the couple. If the couple likes games, you might include a board game or video game in the survival kit. A movie and popcorn, a bottle of wine and a book of short stories, or a jigsaw puzzle with crackers and cheese are just a few fantastic ideas for an impromptu date night that can give a couple some much-needed time together. 

4. A Pack of Gum

A pack of gum is a humorous reminder to the couple that they're meant to stick together through thick and thin. Regardless of what they're facing in their careers or personal relationships, they'll always have their spouse to support, encourage, and see them through the trying parts of their lives.