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Reasons To Experience VIP Tailgates In Different Cities

by Jean Mason

If you live in a city that has professional football, buying tickets to a VIP tailgating party at your local stadium can certainly be appealing. The ability to spend time in a familiar environment — and one that celebrates the team for which you cheer — can be the highlight of your week. As a football fan, it's worthwhile to also consider checking out some different stadiums — and booking VIP tailgating experiences at them, too. One idea is to check the schedule to see when your team is on the road, and then visit those stadiums at that time. Here are some reasons to check out different VIP tailgate events in different cities.

Different Features

Each team takes a slightly different approach to how it organizes its VIP tailgates, so experiencing different parties in different cities can be an enriching experience for any football fan. For example, some teams have their cheerleaders make an appearance at VIP tailgating events, posing for photos with fans, while others have appearances from local celebrities. Even being in different venues and enjoying the surroundings can be appealing. For example, at some VIP tailgating events, you'll be indoors; at others, you'll be outdoors.

Local Food

A big perk of checking out VIP tailgating parties in different cities is that you'll get a chance to enjoy local food. It's common for these gatherings to focus on food that is unique to the area, so whether you're enjoying bratwurst sausages in Green Bay, po' boys in New Orleans, or a barbecue in Houston, you'll get a chance to savor the flavors of the area. There's little question that eating is a big part of tailgating, so enjoying unique tastes in each place you visit will be a highlight for you.

Fan Interactions

You'll also have fun interacting with different fans when you attend VIP tailgating events in different cities. If you're following your favorite team on the road, many of the fans at the tailgating event will be cheering for the opponent. This means that you can seek out people who are dressed in your team's colors and connect with them — potentially making some friendships based around your shared love of the team. You'll even experience some good-natured teasing at the hands of the other fans, and be able to dish out some playful trash talk yourself. Try to set a goal of traveling to a VIP tailgating event in a different city once per football season.