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Up Up And Away! How To Prepare For Your First Helicopter Ride

by Jean Mason

If you've decided to take your first helicopter tour, you'll need to be prepared for the adventure. Riding in a helicopter is quite different from being in an airplane. Aside from the fact that they both take you into the sky, they're both very different adventures. Here are four tips that will help you prepare for your first helicopter ride.

Start With a Brief Ride

If you've never been in a helicopter, and you're not sure how you'll react, it's best to start out with a brief ride. Arrange to take a short tour of the local area before venturing out for the longer tours. Once you know that you can handle several minutes in a helicopter, you'll be ready to go out on the hour-long adventures that cover more ground.

Prepare for Motion Sickness

If this will be your first experience in a helicopter, it's a good idea to prepare for motion sickness. This is particularly true if you suffer from motion sickness when you're on a boat, or you suffer from car sickness. There are motion sickness medications that are available over-the-counter, or you can talk to your doctor about prescription medication.

Don't Pass on the Headphones

If you're going to be heading up in a helicopter for the first time, you might not be prepared for the noise. The noises inside a helicopter can be quite loud. If you're offered noise-canceling headphones for your ride, don't pass them up. The noise-canceling headphones will make your ride much more enjoyable. If you're not sure that the tour service you're using provides noise-canceling headphones, bring a pair of earplugs with you for the tour. That way, your ears are protected and you'll be able to enjoy your tour.

Pay Attention to the Instructions

If you've never flown in a helicopter before, you need to pay attention to the pre-flight instructions. You'll receive all the safety tips you'll need to know during this time. In fact, it's a good idea to listen to the instructions no matter how many times you've flown on a helicopter. Should an emergency arise, you'll need to know what to do to protect yourself and those in your group. If you have questions about the instructions, don't be afraid to ask for clarifications.

Now that you're preparing for your first experience in a helicopter, make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.