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Dieting While On Vacation In Vegas? Here's How Not To Tip The Scales

by Jean Mason

Anytime you go on vacation while being on a diet it can be difficult. There are lots of things to tempt you away from being strict to your diet. Certain vacation spots tend to be more tempting than others due to the nature of the city you are visiting. So, for instance, a vacation to a national park is inherently less temping from a guilty food standpoint than a big vacation destination such as Las Vegas. If you do happen to be planning to take a trip to Las Vegas, and you also happen to be on a diet, then it is important that you don't blow your diet by eating too much or slacking off from exercising. And while Las Vegas is one of the more tempting cities, there are still things you can do to make it fun and not detrimental to your diet. Here are a few ideas.

Hit The Hotel Gym

Being on vacation does not mean that you have to skip working out. In fact, working out while on vacation in Las Vegas is actually one of the more easy to do things. The giant hotel chains that are all over the city make it all the more easy to work out. You don't have the excuse that there is no easy way to hit the weights or get on the treadmill. There are huge, modern gyms in most of the hotels you might visit. You should therefore get up early and head on down and hit the gym so that you can burn some calories and you won't feel bad if you happen to overindulge later at dinner and have a piece of dessert.

Choose Healthy Options At The Casino Buffet

Vegas is famous for its casino buffet dining. The casinos try and outdo each other with extravagant offerings and it can be overwhelming for someone who is on a diet. You might walk into a buffet and see endless temptation. However, there are lots of healthy choices as well. You can get really healthy salads, fruit, and other offerings that won't break your diet. Maybe you should look at the vegetarian dishes (some of them vegan) or choose the grilled chicken or something free of heavy sauces and not loaded with tons of excess calories. The buffet style is actually a really fun option when you are on a diet since you get to choose from lots of different health food items.