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Three Ways To Put An Entertaining Spin On Your Corporate Event

by Jean Mason

If you are planning a corporate event for your company, you definitely want to be sure that everyone is staying entertained, which is a good reflective on the company, great for employee morale, and more. Here are three different ways you can put an entertaining spin on your corporate event:

  1. Food Creativity: First stop is to get creative with the food since most events are centered around this first. There are plenty of ways to do this from a DIY food bar where your guests can create their own pizzas or tacos to a food truck that makes the meals for you but is fun to look at and creative in their menu type. You can even get creative in serving food in a fancy way. One fun-filled way to do this is to serve deconstructed food. This is where the food is served in a glass that is a deconstructed form of what it would normally be. For example, if you want to serve burgers, it would be the crumbled meat in a glass topped with chopped lettuce and tomatoes along with other toppings. This would then be eaten with a fork, which is a delicate and fancy way to serve burgers. 
  2. Get Interactive: An interactive DJ is the best way to make announcements about what's going on. This allows you to relax and enjoy the event a bit more instead of having to move away from conversations to take care of everything else. You can also rent a photo booth, hold a contest, or even have trivia quizzes going around for everyone to have some fun with. 
  3. Get Some Surprise Entertainment: Finally, you will want to consider some surprise entertainment. For example, a surprise performance by an employee who sings or has some other entertaining talent, an aerialist, a hypnotist, and more. Your interactive DJ can lead these surprise performances into the event at the right times to ensure that it moves smoothly and keeps everyone's attention and interest. 

With these three ways to put an entertaining spin on your corporate event, you can be sure that it turns out to be successful for employee engagement, customer relations, and management to employee relationships strong, as well. Don't hesitate to hire professionals to help you since putting together a corporate event is tough already. The professionals will know how to ensure that it does not turn out to be a dud. 

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