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3 Suggestions For A Sweet 16 Party

by Jean Mason

Some of the greatest experiences in life happens during the teenage years. For instance, many teens try different things, start thinking about their future, and try to enjoy themselves before reaching adulthood. If your teenager has a 16th birthday coming up, it is a great time for you to host a special party to celebrate. Turning 16 is a big deal because your teen will gradually begin transitioning into adulthood at that age, although some teens mature faster than others. Consider the tips below for guidance on planning a surprise sweet 16 event for your teen's upcoming birthday.

1. Choose the Right DJ

Hiring a sweet sixteen DJ is the best way to obtain music for your teen's birthday bash. However, you must consider the services that will be provided before hiring a DJ, as well as the type of music he or she intends on playing. Choose a DJ that has a good idea of the types of music that teenagers are currently enjoying on the radio. You should also ensure that the teens will have the ability to make music requests at the party. It is possible that the DJ will also provide lighting, a dance floor, and other services that will come in handy.

2. Give the Teenagers Privacy

Unlike hosting a party for young children, teenagers are not likely going to appreciate the presence of too many adults. Although it is a good idea to monitor the teens, try to give them as much privacy as possible. For instance, create a special area in the venue for you and other adult hosts to hang out in that is away from the main area where the teens will be located. Show your face only when you are making an announcement or doing something that involves surprising your teen. For instance, presenting the birthday cake and gifts to your teen is a great time during the event to join the teens.

3. Keep the Curfew in Mind

Hosting a birthday party for a teen can be tricky when it coems to the curfew. If there is a mandatory curfew for teens in your area, ensure that the party ends in time for everyone to go home before curfew time. The best way to keep the party going beyond the curfew is to have have the event at your house, a hotel, or some place in which the teens can sleep over for the night. You can also end the party past the curfew and make it mandatory for teens to be picked up by their parents if they want to stay late. Renting a party bus can be considered for transporting the teens home at the end of the night as well.