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Three Tips To Care For Your Concert Equipment

by Jean Mason

Performing in a band can be an exhilarating experience that will allow you to showcase your abilities and creativity. However, putting on a concert performance will require many pieces of equipment, and those that have only recently started performing may be unsure of what they need to do to protect these important pieces of equipment.  

Include Silica Gel Packets When Packing Your Concert Equipment

When you are packing your equipment to go to a show, you will want to ensure that it is as protected against moisture damage as possible. Unfortunately, changes in temperature and air pressure can lead to condensation forming on this equipment while it is being transported. When this condensation forms, the sensitive electrical components can suffer major damage. By placing silica gel in the containers with the various pieces of equipment, you will avoid this problem as this gel will absorb any excess moisture that is in the air around the equipment.

Clean The Equipment After Each Performance

Over the course of a performance, your concert equipment can become extremely dirty. This is particularly true for microphones and large speakers. Unfortunately, the performance of these items can be severely compromised with large amounts of dust and dirt. If you make the mistake of failing to clean the equipment immediately after your performance, these substances can bond to the equipment, which can make the far more difficult to remove. While it may seem like cleaning this equipment will be a major hassle, simply cleaning the exteriors with alcohol wipes should be sufficient to remove most of these substances.

Keep Your Concert Equipment Insured

In order to put on a high-quality performance, you may have needed to make a major investment in your concert equipment. Due to this cost, you may take great care when packing the equipment to go to a show. However, these items can be destroyed by things that are beyond your control, such as another driver colliding with your vehicle. You will want to protect yourself from losing the investment that you may in your equipment by purchasing insurance coverage for these items.

While your standard auto insurance may cover part of the cost of replacing this equipment, the cost of these items can quickly hit the policy limit. However, if you purchase an addendum that is specifically for your performance equipment, you will be far better protected against your equipment being lost or destroyed in an auto accident.

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