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Going On A First Date? Why It Should Be At A Haunted House

by Jean Mason

When it comes to experiences, a first date can be a mixed bag.  While it's very exciting to think about the prospect of meeting someone who can have a big impact on your life, there can also be a bit of anxiety in the mix as well.  You wonder if the two of you will click and if you've had bad experiences in the past you might be concerned about dealing with a repeat.  If you're thinking about going the traditional dinner-and-a-movie route, it might be time to think outside of the box.  Use this information to learn more about why a haunted house is the perfect place for your next first date.

Haunted Houses Bring Out Real Reactions

The point of a first date is getting to know the other person to determine if they are someone that you'd like to pursue things further with.  You want to see how they behave in real time and what their true reactions are like.  A haunted house gives you the chance to see both of these things.

Understand that when you have your average date, there's little time to see the authentic person.  It's so easy to put on a mask and give all of the right responses when you're sitting down at a dinner table in a crowded restaurant, and you have to remain silent in the movies so you learn very little about the character of the person you're on a date with.  

When you go to the haunted house there will be thrills around every corner.  You'll get to see if the other person is easily spooked and what their scare tolerance is like.  It can be very eye-opening!

Haunted Houses Set The Tone

Another reason why you should go to a haunted house is because it sets the tone for the rest of the date.  Rather than have to deal with those sometimes awkward silences that can occur when two people don't know each other very well, you'll have a fun topic of conversation that you can bring up at different points throughout the evening.  You'll both be able to enjoy a good laugh as you recall your experience going through the haunted house.

Taking your date to a haunted house could prove to be a wonderful bonding experience for the both of you.  Don't wait; find out where the haunted houses are near you so you can plan your date right away.